Rice balls with Teriyaki sauce

This one isn’t exactly from the family, but I love Japanese food! Also, why not add more to the pool of collective food knowledge. This recipe is quite easy to follow, and doesn’t take a lot of prep. Let’s get cooking!

What you will need
Rice – short grain preferably but it isn’t a big deal.

Cubed chicken – you want them small enough that they will fit into the rice ball
soy sauce
sesame seed oil
Vegetable oil (or canola)
ginger (fresh or the little bottle you can find of crushed ginger, that is what I use)

First get the rice going. It is always best to soak rice for at least 30mins before cooking. after you drain the water, and double the amount of water to rice in the pot. example: 1 cup of rice = 2 cups of water. You will need a lid on the pot.
Bring the rice and water to a boil. Simmer for aprox 10 mins. Then take off heat, keep the lid on it and forget about it!

Now onto the chicken.
put oil into the bottom of a frying pan until it begins to sizzle. Add the cubed chicken (I use a lid to help it cook, and to keep the oil from splashing)  once it is done set the chicken aside.

the pan gets VERY hot, so what I do is keep it on high get the pan sizziling then add all the things while holding the pan in my hand OFF the heat. then when I put it back on I lower the heat to a simmer.

Add about a teaspoon and a half of ginger into the pan then add the honey into the pan. enough to glaze all the chicken you have. Add the soy sauce for one breast I use about 2 table spoons, but honestly it is for taste. then add a splash for every two breasts. This is where  you throw in the chicken put some pepper on it and get it nice and glazed. I add a lid and allow it to cook a few minutes more.


While the rice is still warm get a small bowl and add some rice to it. get your hands nice and wet, then add a little salt to them. Take the rice in your hands and form a ball. Take a piece of chicken tuck it inside. Add some more water to your hands to get it nice and formed.
I like to add sesame seeds for looks.



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