Doggie Pupsicle

This one here is for my puppy Halo, and my moms dog ¬†Cocoa. I use to always look for something to give them when it was hot out. Frozen perogies are a good option especially for the terrible teething time. Though it still wasn’t quite right. I wanted a pupsicle! (yep! PUP sicle… lame joke sorry!) So here is what we made for Halo.

What you will need:
A cup. I use a thin one, for small dogs maybe a shot glass size.
Pepperette sticks
Frozen perogie
Left over meat
a hotdog (only for big dogs)

What you do:
Place the frozen perogie and left overs inside the cup. Add watered down gravy or beef/chicken in the glass. Finally add the peppette and the hotdog as the “stick” to the Popsicle .

Freeze for minimum 4 hours.
Rinse with water, and allow them to have a nice cold treat.


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