Today I’ve made sushi for the second time ever, the first being while in school. I have always looked at sushi and admired it for it’s beauty. I had honestly forgotten how easy it was to make and how cheap. Seriously why isn’t this in every thrifty cook book.
Our material cost was this
Rice – 3.50$
Cucumber – 1.99$
Seaweed – 1.99$
Salmon – 10.00$
Carrot – 1.00$

The amount I used was maybe 1/3 of the bag of rice, three strips of carrot and cucumber cut long ways. 3 sheets of seaweed (there was ten in the bag)and┬áthree strips of salmon. The salmon doesn’t even look like it was touched.

This made three rolls of sushi, aprox 5-6 pieces in each roll. I still had left over rice too which I use to make a couple rice balls. For under 20 dollars we made three meals in just sushi, rice balls for later, salmon for later, and some vegetables for a salad. Not to mention 2/3 of rice left over.

What to do

On your sushi roller place the seaweed, on that spread your rice out evenly. Put your strip of salmon, carrot, and Cucumber at the edge then roll.
Simple done!!!! cut off the ends to make it look nice then cut in about 1 inch thickness.

Enjoy your meal ­čÖé


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