Hot pot

Yesterday I made a small hot pot that was over flowing with flavors. Simple recipe and something you can start before work, so you can come home and eat. I did forget to take pictures… again, but that’s okay! I do plan on making this again, as it was such a big hit.


Crock pot
1 Carrot
4 mushrooms
pork slices (as thin as you can make them)
noodles. I used a package of hotpot noodles from my local TNT (Asian food store)
1/4 cup soy sauce
Chicken broth
Black bean sauce just a splash
Chili peppers and pickled chili peppers (optional)
Garlic about three cloves
a half a teaspoon of sugar


Take your crock pot and place in Soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sugar, anise and Cinnamon. Mix together while the slow cooker is on high. Add as much chicken stock as you like, this will make the broth. Slice the carrots and mushrooms thin then add them to the pot. Now finish it up by adding the black bean sauce and chili peppers. DO NOT ADD THE NOODLES OR THE PORK.

Now when you are ready to eat place only the amount of noodles you will eat into the slow cooker. (This is important because if you leave the noodles in they will overcook and be ruined. )

Cook the noodles for no longer than 4 minutes. average is around 2-3 minutes for them to be done. Then add the pork. the pork takes anywhere from 3-15 seconds to cook so watch it carefully.
Now put into a bowl and ENJOY!


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