Breakfast sandwich

Wasn’t sure what recipe I was going to post today, but made breakfast and decided I would post it. Classic egg sandwich that took me minutes to make. Hope you enjoy this one.

What you will need
1 egg per sandwich
1 slice of cheese per sandwich
1 English muffin per sandwich. I used whole wheat.
2 pieces of lunch meat. what ever you prefer
Dash of Salt
Dash of Sugar

What to do.
Get that English muffin down in the toaster to start. Put some butter in the bottom of a pan on medium heat. crack your egg into the pan. I break the yolk at this point, but that is completely optional. Flip it over when ready, add the cheese and put a lid over so the cheese melts. When it is melted place the egg on the sandwich. Now, add the dashes of salt and sugar on top of the cheesed egg. Finally, take your lunch meat and throw it in the frying pan until it starts to pop and sizzle. add that to to the sandwich and Vola !


One Comment Add yours

  1. Infoélla says:

    Great recipe!! Gonna make this for breakfast tomorrow!


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