Beef Skewers

It’s summer, I have a new to me BBQ and have been loving it. Honestly I have never really used one much before. I was always a “in the kitchen” type of person. But here I am, another recipe of the BBQ.

What you will need

Beef – I buy the packages of randomly sized beef bits. Most people use them for stir fry or what not.
Peppers – I used green
BBQ sauce – I used -presidants choice smokin habanaro – Currently it is my favorite store bought sauce.
Skewers – Bought mine at Walmart

What to do

If your beef isn’t already cubed cut it up. Take all your veggies and cut them as large as you would like. If you like peppers more, cut them bigger. Also add whatever else you like grilled!

Assembly time! It doesn’t really matter how much of anything goes on as it is all by preference.
Finally coat in BBQ sauce a few times while cooking. Mine took around 8-10 mins on medium heat. I flipped a few times while cooking baste with sauce.

So get cooking and Enjoy!


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