Pillsbury Pizza

Last night I took a roll of Pillsbury croissants  and turned it into a pizza danish roll thing. Turned out quite delicious and cost effective. It was a little buttery which I countered with Franks hot sauce Buffalo wing style.


What you will need

Pizza sauce
Pillsbury crescent rolls
Franks red hot Buffalo wings sauce


What to do.

Open up the rolls and place two so that the bottom of the triangle touch. Then the next two triangles the same way. Doing it this way insures that the base is nice and fat for us to work with.

Spread as much sauce as you need all over the base. Sprinkle cheese down. Then add you meat, and anything else you would add to a pizza. Add more cheese on top of your ingredients, then close up the top.


Cook for around 10 mins. You want a nicely cooked shell before you take it out.

You can cut immediately to share, or eat it for yourself. Use the Franks for dipping.





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