Pillsbury Danishes

My brother and I had a roll of Pillsbury crescent rolls in our fridge and decided to try and make a type of danish out of it. What happened was we created a fabulous gooey treat. I imagine melted chocolate being draped over them then eating them for breakfast or dessert.


What you will need

Pillsbury crescent rolls 1 package
Two teaspoons of sugar
Cream cheese about three tablespoons.
Frozen fruit of your choice, we had used strawberries. (cut)


What to do.

Separate the crescent triangles trying not to stretch out the dough as you do so. In a small dish mix the sugar and the cream cheese together. Next take a piece of fruit place it in the middle then some cream cheese on top. Tuck in the sides then roll it up into a ball type thing. Sprinkle a little sugar on top (The one on top is sugared) then bake as the package tells yous.



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