BBQ Rabbit

For thanksgiving, we like to eat things that are not traditional, and this year on top of the yearly duck, we decided to try out rabbit. Now, I know rabbit is out of some people’s tastes but if you have ever been curious about it go and try it ! This recipe has nice tender meat¬†and a flavorful charred outside. Did I mention it is about as easy as BBQing burgers? Pull out your grills and get ready to cook.



Rabbit. I bought a whole “butterflied” rabbit in the picture are the rib cuts.
Thyme 3 tablespoons of dried or fresh
Rosemary 1 tsp
Lemon juice upwards of 1/4 cup
Garlic 2 tablespoons
Honey 2 teaspoons



Preheat your BBQ to the 6, 400 F

Take your honey, garlic, rosemary, Thyme, and lemon juice and blend them into a paste. If it needs more liquid just add lemon juice until it becomes blendable. You will want the consistency of a paste.

Take your rabbit, add salt and pepper to both sides. Take your paste and do the same making sure to leave some for later.

Place the rabbit on the bbq and keep careful watch making sure to flip and baste it (with the leftover paste) regularly. It will take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to cook.

When it is done it should look similar to the picture. Nice char marks on the outside.


Happy eating !


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