Hi, I am Jess. I started cooking at a young age. Mom says I was 5 making grilled cheese. Not the most difficult recipe, yet it opened up a world of tastes. I went on to College to become a chef. Didn’t complete the course. Something about my love of cooking and love of animals became crossed and I choose animals. Horses in fact. I worked on different horse farms, helped train some horses. Became a manager of a smaller horse stable and settled in for the long run. I still loved to cook and bake at any opportunity, and I sometimes found myself making cakes for my horses birthday. All natural oat, apple, carrot, and mint cakes.┬áIt was there I had a horrible accident. I hurt myself quite badly and found I wasn’t able to walk without assistance. This was tragic. My life was built on the hooves of my horses. My horses… I had to sell. I had two, a mare named Daisy and her baby boy named Kratos. Well about four years later and lots of rehab I am able to walk again. But horses are never going to be a thing. So back to cooking I went. Got a job in a restaurant and went from fry cook to On point cook in a week. Within a month I was running my half of the kitchen!

So here I am, and now I am bringing my large family together. Friends and family make this would richer. Lets celebrate with them as we cook together.